‘Big Brother 17’: Our dream casting for an All-Stars season

What's she saying? -Since we are still in a “Big Brother” frame of mind, we wanted to try something here today: Looking at what a potential 17th season would look like featuring All-Stars players. With that being said, we also wanted to create a caveat: Making sure all players have only played the game once before. While we understand the desire to see a Will or Janelle again, why not get some new blood in the returning player camp?

Most of the houseguests below are from season 11 onward, mostly because we feel like most earlier seasons have already been represented pretty well and season 9 was awful to begin with. We’re also not really considering whether or not these people would play again, mostly because we cannot read minds and opinions can change.

Andy Herren (15) – We like to see winners play again, mostly because we want to see if their strategy holds up when people know their game.

Derrick Lavasseur (16) – Clearly, one of the best players ever. It may be a little recent, but there is no bias here.

Donny Thompson (16) – One of the most popular players ever. He’s right up there with Big Jeff.

Eddie McGee (1) – Yes, we do have an interest in seeing a season 1 player return who doesn’t go by the name of Chicken George, and Eddie seems perfect for it. He’d probably do very well even in a different game.

Frank Eudy (14) – A really good physical competitor, and you need some of these to make the cast more interesting.

Ian Terry (14) – Extremely popular with many fans, seeing him versus Derrick would make for a good bit of fun.

Matt Hoffman (12) – The fact that Matt hasn’t played again yet is a surprise in itself.

Zach Rance (16) – He can be a villain if you want him to, but more than anything else, the man is just a good time.

Amanda Zuckerman (15) – You may hate her, but you need a few villains in just about every season.

Elissa Slater (15) – Fans loved Elissa, regardless of if they were part of the Brenchel Army or not. It’d be interesting to see how she does without the same sort of enormous target.

Jun Song (4) – It’d probably never happen, given that she does not even live in America anymore. With that being said, we can dream.

Kalia Booker (13) – An underrated strategic player. She may not go too far in this season, but she played in a season where it was almost impossible for a newbie to win.

Maggie Ausburn (6) – It’ll probably never happen here, either. Maggie was a great player, but not well-liked.

Natalie Martinez (11) – Another controversial contestant, but someone who was very good at playing down their strengths to make it to the end.

Nicole Franzel (16) – Extremely likable this season, and someone we feel could be a really good player in a better situation.

Shelley Moore (13) – Largely viewed as a villain, but we really don’t think she was all that different for Andy or Derrick other than that she was a little too transparent, and she couldn’t win a competition.

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