‘Big Brother 16’ finale (backyard): Caleb Reynolds on Amber, BB Rewind, and more

Caleb -If there was one surprise for “Big Brother 16” (which was a show without many surprises), it was seeing a man known as Beast Mode Cowboy (a.k.a. Caleb Reynolds) make it as far as he did. Early in the game, he looked doomed to go home very early.

However, the man managed to turn things around after Amber left, and was really one competition win away from making it to the final three. He chatted with WIBW’s Brian Haug after the fact in the backyard, and he had quite a bit to say in his traditional character. All in all, he seemed to be taking everything in stride. Quick note: Click here, or see the attached sidebar, to get some further coverage from the finale!

On whether he thinks Donny is a groundskeeper now – “I’m speechless on it. I don’t know. The guy’s beard has legs, for crying out loud … Do I think he’s a groundskeeper now? Sure, but I don’t know if [he did that] all my life.”

On if Team America impacted him – “Them three having to do what they had to do had no influence on me whatsoever. The three guys who got picked … Two of them in Derrick and Frankie were in my alliance.”

On whether or not Amber hurt his game – “My attraction to Amber when I first got in the house definitely hurt my game. I was more interested in getting her attention … When I kicked her out and she left, I opened up to who I am … I wanted to be me, and let people see who I really am as a person. I wanted to be a character.”

On the rewind button – “The rewind button was in a way cool, because we got to redo the stuff over. For Frankie, it definitely [turned things around] on him … But Frankie, the way he talked to everyone during that, is [really what got him in trouble].”

Best / worst moment in the house – “Best moment in the house was meeting everybody that I got to meet … As far as regrets, I really don’t regret anything that I’ve done.”

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Photo: CBS

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