‘Survivor: San Juan del Sur’ episode 2 preview: The worst ‘next time on…’ trailer ever

Josh Canfield -Tonight, we witnessed the first episode of “Survivor: San Juan del Sur,” and it was almost as bit as entertaining as what we had almost any other season. There was an interesting twist, the return of Exile Island, and of course some big personalities.

Ultimately, though, we are still far too early in the game to know what is really going to happen. All we can do is preview the future based on the “next time on…” clip that airs after each episode.

After the episode, it feels like on Coyopa (the orange tribe) features the men in control. They eliminated Nadiya based on her past reality TV experience, and that means that the attempt at an all-women alliance is in trouble. Luckily, we’re already sensing that Josh (see above) is a mover and a shaker, and he may not stay with the guys forever if he is in trouble.

Unfortunately, there was no “next time on…” clip this time. We instead got a terribly-vague preview that really spoiled some of the fun of future episodes for us. Apparently, John Rocker is going to be really ticked off at some point, someone will quit, and there will be massive arguments and tears. We really hated it, since you spoil future episodes, and since we know already that someone is quitting the game, it will not be a shock when it happens. We like knowing nothing beyond a few details from one season to the next; trust us, as someone who’s been spoiled thanks to the internet before: It’s no fun at all.

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Photo: CBS

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