‘Big Brother 16’ finale: Frankie Grande lands post-show interview on ‘The Talk’

Frankie -Ready for a little bit of controversy already when it comes to “Big Brother“? Well, we’ve got the latest on something that you may be more than a little bit annoyed about.

Today, it was confirmed that there was one contestant who will be on “The Talk” Thursday who has spent all of this season in the house … and it’s Frankie Grande. Why? That’s the biggest question we have. We know that his sister is famous, and maybe this buys good will with Ariana Grande. Personally, though, we’d rather see the winner, or someone who was genuinely well-liked by others in the game, as the person selected to appear there.

Update: Derrick WILL be appearing, as well. That was announced tonight.

The one main issue that we have with Frankie, his sister or all the conspiracy theories notwithstanding, is that we never really felt he was completely genuine in the game. There were times when he’d be super-happy and smiling and constantly talking about glitter (like his interview with Julie Chen), and then there were the comments he made about wanting all the guys to violate Victoria and his threats to send his social media army after the people still playing the game.

In the end, what we really just hoping moving forward is that “Big Brother” finds a way to avoid casting more of these pseudo-celebrities on the show, since it really upsets the premise and the interactivity of it all. We like seeing people who don’t know anything about fame, and how they all react in these situations. Frankie’s “mogul” reveal was actually more memorable for how badly he came off than anything else.

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Photo: CBS

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