‘Ink Master: Rivals’ season 5, episode 5 preview: Where is Oliver Peck?

Ink Master We have seen the masterminds behind “Ink Master” come up with some pretty cool challenges for the artists, and next week we have something new to look forward to that we haven’t seen on the show before.

The artists will be tested on how well they can work dimension into their pieces: If you remember last season, the artists were tested on this element by tattooing tarantulas and scorpions. This year the artists will have to use a sand blaster to create a 3 dimensional design onto 7 panes of glass. They will again be working together teams and since Jason won the elimination challenge last week, he will be assigning the skulls. Will he pick Joshua as his partner like Joshua has done in the past, or is he going to target Joshua (or some of the other top dogs like Cleen Rock One or Erik) and try to take him out since he has been consistently on top all season?

For the first time in 5 seasons we will be missing one of our resident judges: Oliver Peck. He is off running his own convention and won’t be judging the flash challenge (hopefully he will be back for the elimination tattoo since it’s really not the same without him), and we have a guest judge to fill in for him: Forrest Cavacco.

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Photo: Spike TV

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