‘Faking It’ season 2, episode 1 review: Lauren’s secret; Amy and Karma’s next move

Faking It -Tonight, “Faking It” season 2 attempted to answer a number of key questions, but let’s begin with the issue that got so much publicity over the summer: Lauren admitting that she is intersex after her ex-boyfriend revealed the truth.

We were slightly worried about how this story would be handled, and mostly because she is such an abrasive character. With that being said, we actually loved it. The reveal suited the show perfectly; there was enough information to make the situation clear, but not so much that it went out of character. Lauren’s secret does seem to remain safe, even if Shane and others may still want to blackmail her about other things.

Now, we turn to the matter that many of the Karmy Army have been looking to get more information about: What happens next for these two? After she slept with Liam, Amy spent most of the episode trying to undo most of her wrongs, which included getting a morning-after pill. Meanwhile, her best friend was desperate to hold onto the bond that the two had, even if she seemingly didn’t have the same feelings back. She even wrote her a new song! (MTV really wants to remind you that Katie Stevens can sing.)

In the end, this is going to be a work in progress for the two, but you can at least be relieved that the two, for now, are on better terms. We’ll just have to see if that lasts when Amy and Liam’s hookup inevitably comes out. You know that it will, but we’re happy it’s still dangling over her head right now. It’s more realistic that the two parties involved would try to hide this for the time being.

“Faking It” is mostly a fun show. Some of the supporting characters are still a little one-note and Liam still needs more of a personality, but we appreciate the show for what it’s trying to do: Giving “Awkward” a great companion, and bringing a story to TV that hasn’t really been told before. Grade: B+.

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