‘NCIS’ season 12 premiere review: ‘Twenty Klicks’ a story of Gibbs, McGee, and survival

NCIS -After a pretty long layoff, “NCIS” returned to CBS on Tuesday night with an episode entitled “Twenty Klicks.” How was the episode as a whole? For a premiere, we were expecting almost a little bit more, even if there are surely going to be some out there who very much enjoyed it.

The biggest issue that we saw with the episode was mostly just that it separated so many of our main characters from each other, and unless we are looking at a case where we really get to learn something about the people on the show, we prefer the gang together. Still, there were some fascinating moments that came from McGee and Gibbs stuck out in the woods, watching as their entire mission went completely up in smoke.

The big reveal at the end of it was that despite the attempts by Gibbs, McGee, and really the rest of the team to take down Sergei, the man is still alive somewhere out there, and capable of inflicting all sorts of damage on the team. Will this become a major story thread this season? Yes and no. You can expect this manhunt to continue at some point, but just not right away.

Ultimately, we just wish there was a little more of a B-story in here, or a little more humor. Just something to mix things up and make “Twenty Klicks” a little more interesting. It was a good, action-packed “NCIS,” but nothing we’ll remember down the road. Grade: B-.

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Photo: CBS

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