‘Survivor: San Juan del Sur’ castaway spotlight: Baylor Wilson faces uphill battle

Baylor -We’re here today with the final edition of our “Survivor: San Juan del Sur” castaway spotlight series, and there is one question that we primarily have to ask right now: Does Baylor Wilson have a chance equal to the other seventeen contestants before her?

While we don’t want to insult Baylor, this is going to be a very tough season for her to win. She’s the youngest castaway, and while she has some life experience, she doesn’t seem like the kind to play the cutthroat game you need to be sitting at the end of the game.

Name – Baylor Wilson

Age – 20

Location – Nashville, Tennessee

Occupation – College student

Strengths – Baylor is going to be quick, athletic, and possibly useful in the challenges, at least the parts that don’t involve puzzles. She is also going to be one of those players who will be easily influenced. If she can be dragged along for a while, and then know the right people to cut, she could be dangerous near the end of the game.

Weaknesses – Baylor does not strike us as a strategic mastermind, and she’s also going to be a little bit gullible. Out of everyone there, she will also likely struggle the most with some of the elements and the conditions of being outdoors. Basically, you can just look back at some other very young contestants for how she will handle this.

Past castaway comparison – Natalie Tenerelli hands-down. Both are extremely young, both have dance backgrounds, and both seem to be looked towards that as reasons that they will do well in the game. Usually comparisons are not this on-the-nose, but this one works.

Prediction – Natalie made it to the end of “Redemption Island,” but we don’t see Baylor going that far. There will probably be fewer jury goats given the theme of this season, and we just see her struggle at some puzzle early and being the sort of boot that a tribe will not be that upset about.

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