‘The Amazing Race: Australia vs. New Zealand’ finale preview: Ranking the top three

Amazing Race -Thursday night in Australia, the season finale of “The Amazing Race: Australia vs. New Zealand” is going to finally air after more than a week off. There are three teams left, but at this point it is basically just “The Amazing Race Australia” all over again as we’ve witnessed five Kiwi teams go home one after the next.

In terms of the final three, we do have a group of teams left that could all be contenders in their own ways … even if we feel like there is still a pretty clear favorite of the group. We’re ranking here based on team placement, edit, and every other little intangible that we’ve picked up on this season.

1. Daniel & Ryan – They have the best potential to be dominant at this point. They’re athletic, smart, and move importantly, they are very calm and collected under pressure. They will not be deterred in the slightest by any challenge that comes their way, and would probably win a footrace.

2. Sally & Tyson – Unless Tyson manages to find a new bathroom to use, these two should be in pretty good shape. We worry about their decision-making given they were almost the first team eliminated from this season, but physically, few can compete with the two and their ability to work well together.

3. Ashleigh & Jarrod – With a little luck, they could probably win. They struggle mostly when it comes to staying calm, and doing tasks that also require a great deal of focus that goes along with that. They will be the quickest team to crumble if things start to go wrong.

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Photo: Seven Network

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