‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 8, episode 2 review: Professor Sheldon; Amy’s new strategy

Big Bang -After a first episode of “The Big Bang Theory” season 8 Monday that had some good moments, the second episode really delivered more of the same. The show made no real attempt to revolutionize itself, but at the same time, it really did not need to.

The biggest plot “shocker” was mostly the reveal that Sheldon, in an effort to try and switch off from string theory, had to “endure” a promotion to Junior Professor. This means, in turn, that he had to teach a class. Nobody showed up after his reputation started to spread, at least until one person decided to sign up: Howard Wolowitz. He wants to get a Ph.D, so he decided to sign up for the class … and Sheldon did almost everything in his power to try to humiliate him.

There was some good comedy that came out of this, and we liked it primarily just because we enjoy these two characters together. Simon Helberg totally stole the entire episode as he decided that if Sheldon was going to be a terrible teacher and try to belittle him constantly, he was going to be a bad student.

The other story tonight was a little bit weaker, mostly because we don’t necessarily love Amy when she is trying desperately to be cool. She did that after she learned that Penny and Bernadette were fighting, and this was a way to sneak to the top of the social hierarchy.

In the end, Howard ended up dropping Sheldon’s class, just because of the terrible way he was acting. Penny and Bernadette grew closer despite Amy’s attempts, and all was right with the world … sort of. The only real bummer was that Raj was completely under-utilized almost throughout these entire two episodes. Grade: B.

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