‘Girl Meets World’ episode 10 preview: First look at ‘Girl Meets Crazy Hat’

Girl Meets World -Girl Meets World” tends to air many of its episodes in bunches, and the second bunch could presumably be coming to a close next Friday with an episode entitled “Girl Meets Crazy Hat.”

So what do we know about this story right now? Well, there may be many different lessons that are discussed in here (something that the show is well known for), whether we are talking about business or about judging a book by its cover. Apparently, this is something that will happen for Maya and Riley on the subway.

If you want to get some further news to expect from this episode, then just take a look at the synopsis below:

“Cory divides his class into two fake companies for a lesson, one driven by profits and the other by making people happy. Meanwhile, Riley and Maya encounter a lady in the subway who is quite different than they first perceive her to be.”

The one thing that we do want to see from this show is a little more humor (like the original series), and for us to have that seminal laugh-out-loud moment that we have not had just yet. It feels like the biggest push for the first nine episodes of this show was establishing the tone, and make it work as a story when Cory Matthews is no longer the lead. In the process of that, though, some of the humor that has come is a little too obvious, and not based enough of funny dialogue instead of quirky characters like we saw in “Boy Meets World”.

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Photo: Disney Channel

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