‘Big Brother 16’ live feed spoilers: Cody complains about Victoria’s campaigning

Cody -How dare someone campaign to stay in the game? This is something that has drove us pretty nuts about Cody throughout “Big Brother 16.”

The man is one of the biggest complainers out there, and overnight, he spent quite a bit of time bemoaning how Victoria was actually trying to speak with Derrick about getting a spot in the final two. There have been numerous incidents of this already, and many of them have included tears or explaining how hurt she feels over the existence of the Hitmen. Derrick has tried his best to calm her down without really showing his cards, but based on how he’s not really guaranteeing anything to her, we feel like he is pretty confident that he will take Cody to the very end if the opportunity arises for him to do so.

Cody’s frustration seems to be mostly coming from the fact that Derrick has not stripped Victoria completely of hope, and maybe that also comes from him not really understanding the bond that these two have. We do feel like Derrick does really care about her and doesn’t want to make her upset, but he’s in a position right now where blindsiding Cody would probably lead to way worse ramifications in the jury house, especially with all of those threats earlier in the game that whoever takes Victoria to the end should automatically lose, just based on principle. You’ve already got egomaniacs like Caleb and Frankie over on the jury, who are probably each having a very hard time dealing with the fact that she is still in the game.

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Photo: CBS

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