MTV’s ‘Awkward’ season 4, episode 12 preview: Did Jenna reveal Matty’s secret?

Awkward -After a long summer of waiting, Tuesday marks the return of “Awkward” season 4 to the air. It also helps to ask another important question: Is there any way at all that Jenna Hamilton has already exposed to Valerie one of Matty’s biggest secrets?

Of course, we are talking right now about the “fact” that his girlfriend Eva, who is not really named Eva and may only barely be his girlfriend, is pregnant. Someone spilled the beans, and he understandably wants to know who it is. Sadie pleads innocent here, and uses the super-good excuse that she hates Eva so much that she would not even bother.

For Jenna, she tries to plead with him that she is an expert at keeping secrets, and therefore would not have been the one to spill the beans here. As for whether or not you actually buy this, that may be up to you. There is something very odd about the way the scene plays out, and Jenna does have a reason to be upset right now. She has feelings for the guy, she has just lost her mature relationship with a college guy, and she is angry about how Eva seems to have snaked her way into a relationship with a pregnancy that many still have doubts over. We saw a pregnancy test come out positive, but that does not mean that Matty is necessarily the father … or that it is even her test in the first place. We still have our suspicions, mostly because a Jenna / Matty endgame only seems right.

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Photo: MTV

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