‘Under the Dome’ season 2 finale spoilers: How the tunnel will factor in

Under the Dome -The “Under the Dome” season 2 finale is coming up on Monday, and while it may be effective at wrapping up a few of the show’s long-standing stories, we also still speculate that some others will be dangled for quite some time.

Based on what we know right now, one of those other theories could be just how much we learn about that tunnel. Just by it existing, you can imagine it being possible that the characters will escape. We’ve already seen Barbie try to do his part and based on what Rachelle Leferve (Julia) said to TVLine in a new interview, you can expect this to almost be front and center:

“It will be involved massively. There is evidence of the possibility of escape. Obviously, Barbie left. And came back. [Laughs] So there is evidence that it is possible. If you know you can get out, you’re going to try.”

Rachelle, like many other actors on the show, is still waiting to learn if we are going to see the town of Chester’s Mill reunite again for a third season, and for the time being, we feel like it will return for more. While this show may be tremendously over-the-top at times and be far cheesier than it really needs to, it still does okay in the ratings and has some rich international and streaming deals. In the modern TV landscape, these mean a whole lot more than they once did.

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Photo: CBS

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