‘Big Brother 16’ live feed spoilers: Boredom sets in for Victoria, Derrick, Cody

Victoria -There are good and bad things about the “Big Brother 16” final three right now. The good thing is that Derrick, Cody, and Victoria all seem to actually get along, which means that occasionally, you do get some shenanigans like them all playing a little game of hide-and-seek to keep the live feeders entertained.

However, there is also little to no tension with any of them at all, given that they know what is going to happen. Today will be the second part of the final Head of Household Competition, where Derrick and Victoria will fight to secure a spot in the last challenge on the live show. There were moments yesterday where it felt like Victoria wanted to convince him to throw the contest to her, but that’s not going to happen. Plus, it is very well possible that Victoria could actually lose even if he threw it.

The only way that we think Derrick could actually start shaking in his boots a little is if he sits around for a few days out of the running. That may give someone like Cody time to realize that loyalty may not be nearly as important as the prize money. Victoria, meanwhile, will probably take him no matter what. She really doesn’t have a chance regardless.

The houseguests were given some card games and other goodies last night, which is traditionally the “Big Brother” way of saying that they are too boring on their own. It gives them some busy work, and their time is occupied for at least a little while.

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Photo: CBS

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