‘The Walking Dead’ season 5 spoilers: An official logline, and a hard journey

The Walking Dead -With October 12 rapidly approaching, AMC is doing what they can to hype up “The Walking Dead” season 5. That includes releasing the occasional teaser, some behind-the-scenes specials, and in this case, a lengthy logline that gives you a sense of where the story picks up, and where it goes from here.

Most of this information is probably something that you could have assumed from the other material that is already out there, but isn’t it nice to actually see it in written form? We think so, and that’s why you can check it out below:

“What follows is a story that weaves the true motives of the people of Terminus with the hopeful prospect of a cure in Washington, D.C., the fate of the group’s lost comrades, as well as new locales, new conflicts, and new obstacles in keeping the group together and staying alive.

“Stories will break apart and intersect. The characters will find love and hate. Peace and conflict. Contentment and terror. And, in the quest to find a permanent, safe place to call home, one question will haunt them…

“After all they’ve seen, all they’ve done, all they’ve sacrificed, lost, and held onto no matter what the cost…

“Who do they become?”

The answer to that question, at least hopefully, is “not walkers.” Nobody wants to die, but we have a feeling that there are going to be some notable deaths in here before we say goodbye to this story. After all, the show is wandering into risky territory. Season 1 was the last time that Rick and company were in an urban environment, and we would imagine a greater concentration of problems there. You have walkers, disease, and while there may still be some supplies, finding them may not be worth the effort.

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Photo: AMC

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