‘The Bridge’ season 2, episode 11 review: Love, loss, and lives in the balance

The Bridge -In a strange way, Wednesday night’s new episode of “The Bridge” was one of the more personal of the entire series, and for a number of different reasons.

What was the biggest one? We mostly feel like some characters understood that they could move forward, but still were simultaneously haunted by some ghosts from their past. For example, we saw Sonya Cross continue to have a very hard time dealing with all that transpired at Red Ridge, her guilt over that, and also the reignited feelings that she has over her sister’s death. In the scene with her mother, we saw a different side to her, and this really put the severity of this situation to perspective. She knows that she has to do what she can to protect everyone close to her.

This is something that we also saw Adriana do later, where she basically chose the story she is working on with Frye over her own relationship. Granted, it took one brutal attack for her to decide that this really was the best thing for her to do.

Speaking of relationships, the one that surprised us the most through this episode was seeing Eva and Stephen finally making a move, even if it was one that she may have not have been fully ready for. What this scene, plus the shaving of that epic beard, told us was that this really was perhaps the greatest love story on the show. It was shot beautifully, and we were probably felt thisĀ more through this than the rest of the episode.

Despite all of these personal moments, we were left with another violent shootout and a cliffhanger. Marco is now fully at the mercy of others, and in a position that may be even worse than the one Sonya was in recently.Ā Grade: B+.

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Photo: FX

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