‘Big Brother 16’ live feed spoilers: What to expect with eviction, endurance Head of Household

Caleb -Tonight marks what could be one of the most exciting episodes of “Big Brother 16,” mostly because it may be something that Caleb never sees coming.

While we will not say that it is 100% confirmed, it does appear as though Cody, the holder of the Power of Veto this week, is going to use that in order to evict Caleb. There was a long conversation with Derrick about this earlier, with the only real fear being that Beast Mode Cowboy will go to the jury extremely bitter.

In the end, this is the right move for Cody. Look at it from this vantage point: If Victoria is sent to the jury, she almost certainly votes for Derrick to win the game. The odds are probably about the same with Caleb, but at least this way you are getting rid of a threat for the final Head of Household. Cody’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he has to know that Victoria is closer to Derrick than anyone else in this house.

What Cody really could do is make a deal with Caleb stating that if he keeps him in the game, he will take him to the finals over Derrick, and if he doesn’t, then he will lose a jury vote. It’s at least something to consider, though the reality is that Cody probably just needs to win the final HoH.

Speaking of which, the first part of this competition is most likely endurance, and that will be taking place tonight. Victoria could actually have a shot at this one, given that these do tend to favor women for the most part. The only thing that would be interesting, and detrimental to Derrick’s game, is if a “Big Brother Canada” situation rolls around where Cody decides that he wants to win, and takes Victoria to the end while blindsiding Derrick in the process.

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Photo: CBS

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