‘Big Brother 16’ exclusive: Frankie Grande on Caleb’s blindside, nominating Zach, more

Frankie -Frankie Grande was a polarizing character on “Big Brother 16,” and even though he is out of the house, we anticipate him still having a presence in the next week on Twitter due to the America’s Favorite Houseguest vote. (It’s probably between Zach, Donny, and him.) He played an aggressive game, but from the outside looking in, Frankie’s biggest flaw may have been being blinded by Team America to not makes the moves he really needed to in order to survive.

Frankie took the time to respond to some questions via email, and while we were unable to spoil anything from the outside world or parts of the game he was unaware of, he did give us a good bit of information about what was going on at select moments during the game.

CarterMatt – Do you feel your eviction was a result of simply winning too many competitions?

Frankie Grande – I think that was definitely a huge a part of it. I also think another huge part was the fact that no one wanted to sit by me at the end because I’d win.

Is there any one person you feel stabbed you in the back specifically?

I know Derrick had a large part in my eviction. However, I saw that coming. The thing I never saw coming was Caleb betraying me like he did.

When you told everyone who you really are, it came right after Caleb threw the Battle of the Block to try and get you out. How were you able to leverage that admission into rebuilding some trust and alliances in the game?

It was very easy to convince them that the emotional burden I had to endure keeping that inside was too great for me to function properly. Now that it was out in the open, I’d be able to play a clean, strong, game. I had no expectations of it working out as well as it did.

Had you not backdoored Zach, do you think he would have been loyal to you? Or, do you think that this move would have made you a target of the other guys immediately?

Unfortunately, Zach’s unpredictability made him a huge liability to my game. There were no guarantees when it came to Zach and that terrified me. And yes, I do believe the other guys would have evicted me sooner.

Even though this is ultimately a game, is there anything you learned about yourself through this that you will take and apply back in your normal life?

I can cook, I can clean, I can do laundry, I am a self-sufficient individual. I had no idea. Hopefully I’ll keep it up outside of the house. We’ll see.

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