‘The Amazing Race Canada 2’ finale spoilers: Could Mickey & Pete, Natalie & Meghan, or someone else win?

Natalie and Meghan -After a really great season this summer, “The Amazing Race Canada” is set for the finish line next week. We have a clear favorite, an underdog, and then a really big underdog who could be Tim & Tim all over again.

The great thing about this show, though, is that the slate is wiped clean for the finale, and it is most definitely anyone’s game. The final three teams will race to Ottawa, Ontario, and they have a variety of difficult, extreme tasks that await them. Only one will take home all the prizes in the end, and it will be fun to watch unfold.

If we were to rank the final three teams right now, here’s how we would put them.

3. Ryan & Rob – In theory, they are super capable of winning the race. Their biggest problem has just been trivial mistakes, whether it be getting lost, picking the wrong challenge, or overlooking a key detail. If the stars align, they could pull something off even without other teams making big mistakes.

2. Mickey & Pete – They may not have ever won a leg before now, but they are super-capable. They both are athletic, and have a great relationship where they never get stressed. What they have to worry about is that they may sometimes be a little too laid-back for their own good.

1. Natalie & Meghan – Pound for pound, they are entering the finale as one of the best teams in “Amazing Race” history. If they win, we feel like they may even be the best one of any of the seasons we’ve seen (which include the U.S. and Australian versions). They would have tied the legs-won record, and we feel like they have the dynamic between the two where they could handle almost anything thrown at them.

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Photo: CTV

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