‘The Amazing Race Canada 2’ episode 11 review: Was Ryan & Rob, Sukhi & Jinder eliminated before finale?

The Amazing Race CanadaWe’re near the end of “The Amazing Race Canada,” and this is the time when things start to really get intense. With that in mind, why not stop and take a break at the local Dairy Queen?

Surprisingly, we didn’t hate this diversion as much as we thought that we would, given that this was annoying product placement at its finest. Maybe that is because it at least had some energy behind it, and the rest of this leg was somewhat still and quiet for one with only four teams left. The advantage to it was that it really was all about pure racing skill. There were no equalizers, or anything that helped out teams that struggled early.

With that being said, watching a flag arrangement for a good quarter of the episode was hardly entertaining, and the repel was mostly only interesting for the scenery. The race at the end came down to being between Natalie & Meghan and Mickey & Pete, which is what we feel like the real race at the end of the show, as well. Fun fact now: If the Olympians win the finale, they will have tied Rachel & Dave from the American show (season 20) to win the most legs in the history of the show. Mickey & Pete were in second, and while they haven’t won a single leg, they’ve still got the potential.

In the end, this was a showdown between the siblings and the buddies, and these were ironically the only teams remaining to have finished in last before. The cruddy thing about this leg, though, is that because of how simple the Roadblock was (fear of heights aside), there was no drama the moment that Ryan & Rob finished the flag challenge early. They did not have an enormous lead, but it was enough to push through and make the finale.

As for Sukhi & Jinder, we give them credit for racing hard. We didn’t always like the way that they played (mostly because their begging was somewhat annoying), but they did make it a lot further than we thought midway through the season. The thing that really hurt them more than anything else was just them getting lost. Grade: B.

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Photo: CTV

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