‘Big Brother 16’ spoilers: Mapping out final four Head of Household – eviction possibilities

Big Brother -Are there rumors floating around the internet already about the final four on “Big Brother 16“? Sure, but we’re not inclined to believe them just yet based on how many times these have been wrong in the past.

So instead, let’s try to map out what will happen over the next 28 hours or so, based mostly on the notion that Frankie is evicted from the game. For the time being, that appears to be almost a lock, since there is basically zero reason to ever get rid of Victoria.

We could break this one down person by person, but it all actually feels simple. If Caleb does not win the Power of Veto, he is going home. It doesn’t really matter who wins Head of Household, since the only way the Veto winner does not cast the deciding vote is in the event that the HoH also wins the Veto. If this happens, they decide who they want to get the blood on their hands.

So let’s think of it this way: What happens if Caleb does win the Veto? It depends a little on who is voting, but we feel like Cody would leave over Derrick if these two are sitting up there (but that would only happy if Victoria’s in power). If it is Cody and Victoria, that means that Derrick is HoH and that Caleb has to choose between them. Beast Mode would probably get rid of Victoria at this point, even though she has been spared in the past.

The only way that we would think things would be interesting is if Derrick had to choose between Victoria and Cody, but that is not going to happen since it would mean that Caleb was in power, and he can’t be this week. So expect to see Caleb leave the game, and if he wins the Veto, he would likely protect Derrick or Cody over Victoria at this point.

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Photo: CBS

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