‘MasterChef’ season 6: Talking renewal possibilities, the future for Gordon Ramsay series

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As we look ahead to the season 5 finale of “MasterChef” tonight, the biggest surprise may just be that there has not been an official order for a season 6 just yet. This show is, much like “Big Brother” a summer staple at this point. No matter when you air it or what it is airing against, viewers still find a way to check it out, and still get excited for it in the months that this is off the air. We’ve also seen that “MasterChef Junior” does not impact the original at all when it comes to viewer burnout.

So when will we hear an announcement about a renewal? Probably within the months ahead, and hopefully all three judges will return, as well. The show’s a great platform for them, and giving that Gordon Ramsay has just wrapped “Kitchen Nightmares,” he may have a little more time on his hands. (Granted, he has been in full-on Work Android mode for the better part of ten years.)

The next season will once again most-likely premiere in the summer; while Fox does need more spring and fall programming, why fix what isn’t broken with the show? Getting rid of the early auditions was a nice touch, and it allowed more time on the actual contestants.

If there was one thing that we would fix between seasons, it is finding a way to revamp some of these team challenges so that they are a little more¬†creative like a “Top Chef,” and a little less mass-producing factory food. We’re not really impressed by watching someone grill burgers or whatever for hundreds of football fans; we’d rather see them try to plan a five-course dinner for a party of twenty, and deal with the pressure of those expectations. In other words, separate itself more from “Hell’s Kitchen.”

We’ll have some reviews of the final “MasterChef” episodes up soon at this link, and maybe even some casting information this fall.

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