‘Big Brother 16’ spoilers: With live feeds down, we talk Zach Rance, Donny Thompson, and All-Stars

Zach -At this point, there may actually be a “Big Brother 16” show being taped, and Frankie Grande may be heading out the door. Crazy thought, right? The show tapes this one early at this time every year, and what was bizarre to us was that the show decided to tape “After Dark” while not keeping the feeds on earlier in the day. Maybe that’s an incentive to get people to watch?

Anyway, this is the time of year that we also pinpoint who we feel are the likely All-Stars from a given season … and it’s not a great crop this time around. This is especially true for the women. We feel pretty confident that Amanda and Elissa from last year could get another invitation, but there is not a single woman from this season who we think will for sure get a call to come back.

Locks to return (provided they want to)

Zach Rance – This will happen as soon as the show has another All-Stars, which could be next summer. We wouldn’t say that Zach was a great player, but there’s some forgiveness there since Team America screwed him. What mattered mosthere was that he was one of the best entertainers the show has ever seen.

Donny Thompson – Donny may be the Shambo of “Big Brother,” at least in that there is no guarantee that he will ever want to come back. He had a hard time in the house! His philosophy may chance when he gets out and realizes that everyone loves him.

Possible returnees

Derrick Lavasseur – If it is an all-winners season, you have to bring him back given that he’s on his way to being up there with Dr. Will and Dan as the best winners ever to be on this show. Otherwise, his problem is that he’s not necessarily good TV.

Nicole Franzel – If there is one woman who could come back, it would be Nicole. We actually feel like she really could be a good player, and just got into a bad position this time from the start with players too stubborn to use her.

On the outside looking in

Frankie Grande – We don’t want to see it, and many fans would agree here. However, CBS may decide that they want the Ariana Grande crowd on Twitter again. It wouldn’t shock us if Frankie comes back.

Devin Shepherd –  A terrible player, but the live feeds were glorious the entire time he was around thanks to his constant flip-flopping and creating new alliances. Sometimes, you just need to have a trainwreck.

Not even if “Big Brother” is casting a season of people only with the name “Victoria”

Victoria Rafaeli – Seriously, they will go find other ones.

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Photo: CBS

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