‘The View’ returns Monday with Rosie O’Donnell, Rosie Perez, Nicole Wallace

Monday morning is the start of a new daytime TV era on ABC … at least sort of. “The View” will return with its first episode of a brand-new season, but this is a very different version of the show than what you most-likely remember from the spring.

The first change is obviously going to be the most-noticeable, given that Rosie O’Donnell was gone for many years and she is now the anchor alongside Whoopi Goldberg. Will she do a good job? Sure, at being outspoken. The problem we have right now is that if the ratings for her series on OWN were not particularly great, how are they going to be here?

The success of the new show is not going to be so much about individuals so much as the chemistry they all share, and it feels like ABC went out of their way to bring in a diverse group. You’ve got Whoopi, a veteran daytime host in Rosie, and then an actress in Rosie Perez who brings another point of view. Then, you have conservative commentator Nicole Wallace, who will be this new show’s version of Elisabeth Hasselbeck. This show is clearly going to try to appeal to almost every demographic. You have women of different ages, different professions, different viewpoints, and even different races and sexuality. From a casting department, the network did a great job.

Unfortunately for them, the biggest issue the show may just be the times. The days of talk shows being must-watch TV are over. Now, you can always just catch up on old recordings or whatever is in your Netflix queue. We’re sure “The View” tomorrow will get great ratings, but what happens after that?

What do you think about the panel for “The View,” and are you excited for what lies ahead? Share below.

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