‘Big Brother 16’ live feed spoilers: Frankie Grande, and the early stages of an America’s favorite battle

Frankie -There were some good times on the “Big Brother 16” live feeds last night, mostly in the form of a shaving cream battle between Cody and Victoria that led to Big Brother trying to be the fun police and repeatedly telling them to stop doing anything so messy.

Unfortunately, there was nothing notable going on with the game, and headlines today are more related to something that is somewhat separate from what else is going on right now within the house: The campaign for America’s Favorite. It started with Justin Bieber actually tweeting to Frankie congratulating him on making it to the final five, and then we also had a message from his family making it very clear that they are planning an onslaught to get him America’s Favorite Houseguest at the end of the season:

In practice, they do have that right, and it has nothing to do with whether or not they want to steal food from Derrick’s daughter’s mouth (a phrase Derrick himself used in the house) or anything else. They want Frankie to feel special, so of course they want him to win. With that being said, is Frankie winning America’s Favorite good for the show? Not really, because it would show that having and being related to people with tons of Twitter followers is more important than people who are actually the most popular on a season. Does Frankie have his fans just for his “Big Brother” game? Sure, but not enough so that he would win based on that. All it would take is one tweet from Ariana with a link attached to get countless people, including many who probably don’t even watch the show, voting for him just to make her happy. This is where things could get problematic for diehard fans, though we have a hard time feeling like CBS would care. They’d get more traffic!

If Frankie does win this, we promise it would not mark the end of the world as we know it. Some people would be upset for sure, but life would go on and there would still be other popular players.

If you want to see someone else win, the best thing that the “Big Brother” community could do is rally behind someone like Zach or Donny, and make sure that one of them get the majority of the votes rather than spreading them out. We are curious about the end results here, mostly because we want to see what matters more, regular show viewers or social media.

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Photo: CBS

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