‘Outlander’ episode 7 preview: Claire, Jamie, and ‘The Wedding’

If there is an episode of “Outlander” that you really should be prepared for and excited to see for so many reasons, it is “The Wedding.” Fans of the book series will absolutely enjoy this, and fans of the TV show alone should also be in for a treat on the same level.

We also don’t have to say a whole lot here about what you can expect, at least other than what the short synopsis (via TV Guide) has for you below:

“Claire enters into a forced marriage with Jamie, but soon begins to experience deeper feelings for him.”

As of right now, one of the hardest things to swallow with this show is just that we really are not that far away right now from the end of the first season. Didn’t it feel like this show was just starting up not that long ago? If so, that’s because it was. Since that point, the show has become the sleeper hit of the summer, and one that we wager could become the breakout hit for Starz in the way that the “Spartacus” franchise was at the end of the day. The truth here, though, is that we may not fully know the impact of the show until many months after it goes off the air, and those who love it have a chance to go back and watch it.

Even out of context, though, we’d say that the Claire / Jamie story has great potential here. It’s far from the first time that we would have seen such a plot, but the “Outlander” way is a little different than most.

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