‘Arrow’ season 3 spoilers: First look at Daddy Diggle!

Diggle -Arrow” has so many different things to look forward to right now, we know that it can be admittedly hard to keep track of them all. You’ve got the Oliver / Felicity date in the premiere, the arrival of Ra’s Al Ghul in “The Magician,” a Felicity origin episode, Ray Palmer bringing more of the DC universe to the show, and also some crossover events with “The Flash.”

With all of this being said, may we issue a humble request to not forget about Diggle? David Ramsey has been around since the very beginning of the show, and he has grown to be a personal favorite in that he has no superpowers and wears no mask, and yet, he continues to find ways to be a complete badass.

Arrow -Could that change in the third season? We could see that being one of the character’s central conflicts, given that he now has so much more to think about than he probably did before this. The attached picture here (via TVLine) is from the upcoming third episode entitled “Corto Maltese,” and it features Diggle with his new daughter for the first time.

Obviously, at this point Diggle has to know he is a hero. He was one long before meeting Oliver Queen. Can he continue to put himself at risk when he has a child relying on him? That is something that every parent in a tough position has to ask themselves. Maybe he will take more calculated risks, or have more of a tactician role while letting Roy do more of the actual hand-to-hand fighting now.

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Photo: The CW

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