‘The Amazing Race: Australia vs. New Zealand’ episode 8 preview: It’s almost ‘Game of Thrones’!

Amazing Race -We knew that it was only a matter of time before “The Amazing Race” franchise decided to go to Dubrovnik, Croatia, and for good reason. This city is completely gorgeous, and in addition to that, it has been made famous now all around the world as King’s Landing from “Game of Thrones.” It’s almost iconic like New Zealand is as Middle-Earth.

The irony here is that you would think Jesse would be firmly comfortable here, given that he already has the beard of someone in Westeros. In all seriousness, this episode based on the preview that aired after last week’s installment may be the one that finally does these two in. They’ve been very likable so far, but many of these tasks ahead look to be fairly physical, and that is not their area of expertise. They basically have to be perfect navigating around to make up for any lost time during these tasks.

As for who else could be in trouble, our #1 guess is Jarrod & Ashleigh just because of the fact that they have to do a Speed Bump, though the irony here is that more often than not, the team that is forced into this is rarely the team that goes home in the end. We wonder if that is because having this extra hurdle causes some teams to have to focus in more, and they relish the opportunity to really pull off something big. These two are physically capable of being able to at least do another task.

In the end, we imagine there only being four teams left standing by the end of this one.

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Photo: Channel Seven

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