‘The Blacklist’ season 2 spoilers: How to protect Elizabeth Keen

The Blacklist logo any seasonThere are many things that we’ve learned about “The Blacklist” over the past year or so, but the biggest one is that Raymond Reddington for some reason is desperate to involve Elizabeth Keen in his plans. However, at the same time he also wants to protect her.

So what in the world is really going on here? That is not a question that is particularly easy to answer. From one vantage point, you could say that Red obviously has a personal connection to her. Then, you have to explain what that connection is, and that is a whole lot harder.

According to Entertainment Weekly, James Spader is going to go so far to watch over her on this upcoming season that he will hire someone to ensure that she is followed almost constantly. From one vantage point, you can say that this is a good thing. After all, the odds of something happening to her are significantly lower!

Meanwhile, there is something else that you have to consider here: How in the world is she going to be able to keep any secrets from Red now? She has been a character who likes to draw her own conclusions on things, and she will not be able to nearly as much in the episodes ahead unless she finds a way to become extremely clever, close the tail, and learn to beat Red at his own game. Maybe all of this will be an interesting training mission for her.

What do you want to see from the story of Liz, Red, and many other characters on “The Blacklist” moving forward? Share in the comments below.

Photo: NBC

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