‘Big Brother 16’ live feed spoilers: Could Derrick, Frankie get $50,000 bonus for Team America final 2?

Derrick -Is “Big Brother” desperate to keep Derrick and Frankie together until the very end? If the latest rumor is true, we may be tempted to start throwing tomatoes at the TV screen.

Here’s what we have been able to piece together. Earlier today, Derrick and Frankie were seemingly made aware of the news that if the two make it to the end together, the winner of the show could receive an extra $50,000, taking the grand total to $550,000. This is a huge sum of money, but we’d also be extremely unhappy if this was actually true given that it is more ridiculous favoritism towards this alliance, which already had contracts imposed on them and completely ruined Zach’s game.

Here is the part of this that we would caution you about: This may be completely bogus. This is an easy way for Frankie to help ensure that he can save his hide this week, and Derrick may be going along with it right now and acting like it’s actually a thing, just to make Frankie feel a little more safe. Plus, he may want to cover his own hide if Frankie wins the Veto, and Caleb puts him up as a replacement nominee. (Still, if Frankie knows that he is making this up, then he’ll know that Derrick is obviously full of it.)

The biggest reason that we have a hard time buying into this rumor at the moment is pretty simple: Why would CBS want to keep Frankie Grande around? Do they really want to favor Ariana Grande that much? It all just feels a little fishy, since they are smart enough to know that Frankie is not well-liked outside of the house, and of the remaining players, there are probably even more Victoria fans out there.

We’ll see if anything comes from this, but if it’s true, we almost hope that Derrick doesn’t care and decides to get rid of Frankie anyway. Even if he does want to keep him, it’s possible that Cody and Caleb will boot him regardless.

Update: Thanks to Big Brother Network for the flashback time. At around 1:30, you can hear that the rule is technically more that if a Team America member wins, they get a $50,000 bonus. However, there is no real benefit for the two getting there together. We have heard the two talk a little about colluding some winnings, and that will be shot down quickly because that is a HUGE reality TV no-no.

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Photo: CBS

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