‘White Collar’ season 6 spoilers: Another farewell, from another part of the process

White Collar -It seems like we have already said a number of goodbyes to “White Collar,” but the sad truth is that there is at least one more still coming up: Watching the actual episodes when they air. Sadly, there is still no premiere date, but given that USA has a number of different things they need to announce soon, we imagine one within the relative future.

So what are we saying goodbye to today? A part of the post-production process known as ADR (additional dialogue recording) work, which for the unfamiliar is basically when actors record lines in a studio that have either changed, would not sound right on location, or were phone conversations or scenes were the actor was not always on-camera. There are other examples in here, as well, but we’d be here listing them all day.

The Twitter image below comes from Willie Garson (Mozzie) as he finishes up his final bit of ADR work on the show today. This is not the last thing that he’ll necessarily do with the show, but there’s a difference between reading lines and doing publicity when the show actually comes out or tweeting along with the fans. One is making it possible for the show to air, and the other is something fun for after the fact.

Going into the final season, the fate of Mozzie is really unclear in terms of how his journey will end. We hope that it will involve him continuing to be tied to Neal Caffrey in some way, though possible in a little more of a stable position. While we want Neal to get his ultimate freedom, this is not a show that we feel needs to have an ending where he stops being a thief and he and Mozzie settle down completely into normal lives. So much of the fun of this show was watching these two guys hatch various plans.

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Photo: USA

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