‘Survivor: San Juan del Sur’ castaway spotlight: Will Keith Nale lead his way to a win?

Keith Nale -We’re about to get into a double-dose of “Survivor: San Juan del Sur” spotlights right now, and both of them are about men with “Nale” as their last names. They both also work in the firefighting world, and seem to have no problem trying to get each other out of the game. They also both fill the quota of “southern accents” for the season.

How will father Keith do? That is what our focus is on right now; we’ll have our take on his son Wes in the near future.

Name – Keith Nale

Age – 53

Occupation – Fire Captain

Location – Shreveport, Louisiana

Strengths – He’s going to be able to handle the elements without a problem, given that the guy practically lives outdoors in Louisiana hunting and fishing. He may be a good provider around the camp, and a possible leader for a tribe. That can be useful if there end up being people who respect him. At least there is another firefighter on his tribe in Jeremy Collins, and they could be quick allies.

Weaknesses – Unfortunately, if there is just one person who doesn’t respect you, that could be a problem. Keith strikes us as a guy who could easily rub many people in the game the wrong way, and could annoy some with taking charge. Also, he has to try and relate to people who are all much younger than him.

Past “Survivor” comparison – He reminds us a little of Rudy in that he’s cranky, and that’s who Keith also compares himself to. We’d also throw in there a little of Big Tom, if only because he’s actually more fun than we thought he’d be after looking at that mustache.

Prediction – He may be able to get Jeremy and Missy on his side, but that is hardly the majority. As the oldest man on his tribe, Keith is going to be a very easy target for people to go after, and we would not be shocked to see him gone in the first few weeks. We just don’t see him being able to relate to the younger people enough to win.

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Photo: CBS

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