‘Chicago Fire’ season 3 spoilers: Mysteries (but no answers) in premiere photos

Chicago Fire -NBC is gearing up for the big launch of many shows coming up the final full week of September, and this includes the premiere for “Chicago Fire” season 3 on Tuesday, September 23.

This is probably the premiere that actually has the most people out there nervous, and for one simple reason: Nobody knows exactly who is going to live to see the opening minutes. NBC released some promotional photos for the episode this week, and you could take some of these as a welcome sign that some characters are surviving … if you really want to. The problem with trusting photos is that you don’t know if they are from a flashback, an alternate universe, or something else. They can often be misleading.

Chicago Fire -Therefore, our suggestion is to view these images more as guidelines, and not something that is definitively going to happen. Still, this is another reason to get excited for what could be an excellent season of the show. The potential is high for some super-intense things to happen, and we ultimately have to hope right now that something will.

The only characters that we are fairly comfortable saying life to see another day are Casey and Severide, mostly because so much has been made about their future, and Jesse Spencer and Taylor Kinney fans would most likely have terrible freakouts. Who knows? If the show does write one of them out, it could generate a lot of publicity … just not of the good side.

We’ll have some more “Chicago Fire” updates soon, so stay tuned.

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Photo: NBC

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