‘Graceland’ season 2 finale review: Mike’s fate, questioning Paige, and more

Graceland -Wednesday night marked the end of “Graceland” this summer, and we have to say that this was definitely not how we saw the show closing shop for the next several months … or potentially ever, given that there is no official word just yet on a renewal from USA.

What we do know is this: Mike may actually be dead, and Paige may be one of the biggest reasons why as she convinced Sid, disgusted with his actions, to basically crush his breathing tube in the hospital and decrease his chances of living to next to none. Paige had wanted to believe earlier in the episode that the good in Mike greatly overwhelming the bad, but there may have been a turning point … with the emphasis being on the word “may.”

Was this all a part of an elaborate setup? We have a hard time seeing Mike go down in such a way, and we do not put it past him or Paige that they were hoping to expose Sid from the start, and turning against each other even more and setting him up is a very good way to do that.

As for Briggs, maybe he ends up being Mike’s savior, and that would be another interesting twist given how these guys have been at opposition at times late this season.

There was a lot going on in this episode, but most of it was effective, including these ends, the rescue of Charlie, and basically everything with Johnny. We weren’t too high on season 2 in the early going, mostly because it felt like it was trying too hard to be relentless without the momentum there. The momentum was definitely there fore finale, and what we had as a result was probably the crown jewel of the season, and a bold way to say goodbye for now. Grade: A-.

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