ABC’s ‘The Quest’ finale preview: Who will be the one true hero?

Every summer, there seems to be a show that we look back on with fond memories down the road, even if it doesn’t last. This summer, that show will probably “The Quest.” From the premise to the acting to the imagination behind it all, this has been a geek’s dream come true.

However, we can’t live in a fantasy world all of the time, and we have to realize that tomorrow night’s finale is most likely going to be the last we ever see of the show. Maybe if enough viewers tune in a cable network could look at it, but we don’t want to be in the department of getting anyone’s hopes up only for them to be crushed later. We’d rather temper expectations.

We were a little late to watching last week’s episode (blame the schedule for that one really), but we did really enjoy the dragon attack and the abandonment of some of the challenges that felt more like training exercises. There are only four paladins left, and the fate of Everealm is in their hands! The final two episodes will be fast-paced, heroic, and will hopefully give us a great winner / One True Hero.

As for who this hero could be, we almost hope that it’s Shondo from the perspective of entertainment. He doesn’t speak like someone from Everealm (he is, after all, all about those dubs), but he does carry with him a big personality. Plus, we legitimately believe he could kick the butt of almost anyone who stands in his way.

As for the others, Lina would be a great champion just because she’s been an underdog most of the season, but Patrick and Andrew continue to be confused in our heads. Eight episodes in, you would hope to be able to tell the two apart a little better than we can.

What do you want to see happen on the finale of “The Quest”? Share your thoughts in the comments now.

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