What would cancellation look like in ‘Utopia’? We could find out…

Utopia -The ratings for the second night of Fox’s “Utopia” are in, and we’re not mincing words here when they say that they are far from a perfect world for Fox.

For its second night, the reality series drew a pretty abysmal 0.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic, which shows to us a number of things. For one, it shows that the casting was too dramatic, that the production too jolting, and the decision to air the show opposite “Big Brother,” which could have many crossover viewers, was a big mistake. Maybe the concept was flawed for a major network from the get-go. You really cannot blame this on anything else, given there was not any NFL coverage on Tuesday night, and “America’s Got Talent” and “Sons of Anarchy” were not on until a little later in the night.

As for what cancellation would look like in “Utopia,” we’re actually interested to find out. Do they all get whisked away and the place shut down? What would be great reality television to us is seeing the “pioneers” learn that Fox has canceled the show, and they really were people who didn’t get a whole lot out of this experience other than just that. They won’t be getting a whole lot of fame, that’s for sure.

There’s no question to us that “Utopia’s” experiment will not last for a full year anymore; the remaining question is just when Fox decides to pull the plug, and what is going to be an acceptable rating for the series during the fall.

One final question: Does Kevin Reilly get the blame for this? He was at least around for some of the development process before exiting, so he could be the easy fall guy.

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