‘Ink Master: Rivals’ season 5, episode 3 preview: Straight lines, explosions and sibling rivalry

Ink Master“Ink Master: Rivals” is really putting the artists to the test this season. The first two episodes had everyone not only focusing on the basics, so that the judges could see what they can and cannot do, but because they’ve had them working with their rivals they are also seeing how well they work under tremendous pressure.

On the next all new episode of “Ink Master: Rivals” expect to see more of the same. The flash challenge will have the artists working together in teams of two (you should expect to see a little strategy go into the pairings of course) as they demonstrate to the judges that they know how to do clean line work – which is something that every tattoo artist should be able to do in their sleep.

The artists will be using match tape, (which will then be ignited to show off their design), to illustrate how well they understand this basic skill. Because of the intensity of the competition, being on TV, the judges and their rivals being on hand to poke the bear, expect there to be a few blow ups (outside of the match tape). On the plus side, one of the rivalries that we are completely invested in (Robbie and Jayvo) will have a really nice moment between them, and after last week and that horrific blow up that broke our hearts in two, it’s just what we want to see between these two brothers.

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Photo: Spike TV

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