‘Teen Wolf’ season 4 finale review: Did Scott, Kira, Kate, or Derek die in Mexico?

Teen Wolf -Can there be peace born out of chaos? Can there be a happy ending that comes as a surprise? We had many questions going into the finale for “Teen Wolf” Monday night, but there was one thing we were explicitly asking ourselves more than anything else: Are we going to lose many beloved characters over the course of the episode.

The deeply emotional part of this episode was mostly the intensity that came from one simple notion: We could lose our hero in Scott McCall, and it could be one of our other heroes responsible for the killing. It wasn’t until the 45-minute mark when Stiles was the first to learn from Kira that Scott was a berserker. How long can you really keep the guy alive, given that he is out to kill everyone else? He didn’t know what he was doing, but that does not change facts.

Then, you had Derek, who was growing progressively weaker, and around 46 minutes in, it seemed almost like we were losing Tyler Hoechlin’s character completely as he finally shut his eyes. Somehow, though, he lived … and was stronger than ever! Let’s just say that death is never quite as obvious on this show as this one appeared to be.

In the end, it appeared as though the team managed together to figure out how to defeat both Peter and Kate, which puts everyone in a much better place moving forward … sort of. Kate is still out there, and Argent has made catching her his responsible. He couldn’t kill her, but there are other alternatives that could be explored! Also, Peter is locked away for the time being with some creepy dude with three yes, but that may not last forever, either.

This felt almost like a comic book, and was a pretty good end to the season. We know that there are still loose ends (Parrish), but the show kept things exciting, while kept the door open for many future stories. Grade: B+.

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Photo: MTV

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