‘The Bridge’ season 2, episode 10 preview: ‘Eidolon,’ and following Hank, Sonya shockers

The Bridge -Will “The Bridge” start to pick up the pieces on next week’s all-new episode? We can only hope so, given that tonight was a resource for all things crazy and then some.

The installment ended with an extremely violent shootout that seemingly left Charlotte and many others dead at the hands of Eleanor, who continues to find her way to weasel her way out of precarious positions. (Warning: MAJOR spoilers ahead. FX officially released the following previously, but we still don’t want to ruin anything.)

Based on the synopsis below, it seems as though Hank may have found a way to survive the shooting:

Sonya & Marco sift through the fallout. Hank harbors a valuable bargaining chip. Frye & Adriana dig into CIA dirt. Fausto makes an irreversible move.”

Is there another possible way that you can read this synopsis? We suppose so, if for no other reason than that it could be read to mean that this bargaining chip could be either on his body, or beyond the grave. With that being said, we doubt it. It also may be a little too much to go all “Game of Thrones” on the show’s cast right in the middle of the season. (One reason he may be dead? The title for this episode, “Eidolon,” can mean a ghost of some form. As with many other titles this season, it comes from Greek mythology.)

Regardless, we have to say that it took some serious guts for the show to pull off all of the craziness that they did in this episode … and we’ll just have to wait and see what comes up the rest of the way as we near the end of this crazy season.

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Photo: FX

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