‘Teen Wolf’ season 4, episode 11 review: Is Tyler Posey’s Scott about to be transformed?

Teen Wolf -We have to say that we were very worried about some of the characters going into Monday night’s “Teen Wolf” episode, and probably for good reason. This is the time of the year where we can typically see characters die.

Really, the only person going into tonight that we assumed was 100% safe was Liam, mostly because we knew that Dylan Sprayberry had been promoted to a regular for it. Still, he had some crazy lacrosse problems during a game … and this is probably the only time we will ever write “crazy lacrosse problems” into an article at all.

Now, for some of the juicy stuff. Scott and Kira were put at the mercy of Kate Argent, which was no surprise given what we saw with her and Peter at the end of last week’s episode. The unfortunate thing is that Peter also trapped Argent, tormented him, and basically put every hero in a compromising position. Pair all of this with Lydia’s “you’re gonna die” shriek at Derek, and we were worried.

With that being said, nobody’s actually dead … at least for now. Argent came close, we’re still worried about Derek, and Tyler Posey’s character could be murdered by his own people judging by what Kate is trying to do to him with putting those ancient bones all over his body. Why isn’t Kira saving him with her powers? This is one of many questions that we have right now, along with why everyone was a little too tentative in realizing that there was still evil out there.

Don’t get us wrong: This was an exciting “Teen Wolf” episode, and there were good moments in here for Stiles / Malia fans and those who like Kate as a villain. We had just expected a little more crazy in the end. Grade: B-.

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