‘Survivor: San Juan del Sur’ castaway spotlight: Will Alec Christy be a big threat?

Alec Christy -Thanks to the way in which we’re going about these “Survivor: San Juan del Sur” castaway spotlights in alphabetic order by last name, we’re going to be going away from Josh Canfield’s partner for a time. Instead, we’re moving on now to the Christy brothers!

We begin here with younger brother Alec, who reminds us in a way of a few players in the past. He seems fairly likable, works hard, and could be an interesting mover and shaker in this game … provided that his brother doesn’t get in the way.

Name – Alec Christy

Age – 22

Location – Winter Park, Florida

Occupation – Student at Florida Gulf Coast University

Strengths – Obviously, athleticism. Alec plays lacrosse, and is going to be a big asset in competitions, especially since he doesn’t seem like the type to claim a leadership role and annoy anyone. He should be a solid team player throughout. Also, he seems pretty chill, and should be a good person to have around camp or as a part of an alliance.

Weaknesses – Alec seems fairly intelligent, but we don’t about his game knowledge at all. He doesn’t strike us as someone who is going to be out scrambling for idols, or thinking many moves before anyone else. He feels a little more like a guy who will strike when there is an opportunity, but it has to present itself to him in an obvious way.

Past “Survivor” comparison – We see maybe a little Adam Gentry, Jason Siska, or maybe a little Spencer Duhm in Alec. He is fairly young, but not entirely immature. He should be able to be useful to the tribe, rather than someone who comes across as annoying right away.

Prediction – We’re not as high on Alec’s brother, and the thing that could get him in danger is if both of the guys make it to the merge. Even after Drew inevitably goes, we could see Alec lasting as long as the final six. We don’t think he’s going to have the killer instinct to win the game, and he’ll probably be taken out because he hasn’t made any enemies and is too much of a jury threat.

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