‘Survivor: San Juan del Sur’ castaway spotlight: Will Josh Canfield give a good performance?

Josh Canfield -For our third “Survivor: San Juan del Sur” castaway spotlight, we’re putting the focus now on a guy who seems, at least on paper, to be one of the most capable people on the entire season. You want to be social, you want to be trustworthy, and you want to be a good performer in camp and in challenges. Right now, Josh Canfield has the potential to be all three.

Let’s dig a little deeper here, though, to figure out why Josh in particular may be very good at this game.

Name – Josh Canfield, boyfriend of Reed Kelly

Age – 32

Location – New York, New York

Occupation – Writer, actor, singer. Has a significant stage background.

Strengths – We feel like contestants from the Broadway world are well-suited for this game in that they’re used to little sleep, high-stress environments, and often have to be in very good shape to do all of the singing and acting that they do. We’ve seen another one this summer in Frankie Grande on “Big Brother,” but the real difference here is that Josh actually has humility to go along with his positive attributes. He’s also going to be someone who others in the game want to trust, and that is very important. He should do well in challenges, but not on such a dominant level where he will be a big target.

Weaknesses – Josh may be a little trustworthy at times, and that could very well get him in trouble if paired with the right people. He also has to watch out for the stigma that can come with being an actor coming on this show, where the assumption is that you are there for fame. We don’t feel like that is entirely the case based on what we’ve seen, but it’s understandable someone would think that based on first impressions.

Past castaway comparison – While Josh didn’t give one, we’re willing to and are actually going to say Ian Rosenberger from “Palau.” Both are athletic but not too threatening, and also seem to be nice guys who value honesty.

Prediction – Josh could win this game very easily, but he probably needs a good alliance to make it happen. The one problem he may run into is that if he’s on his own, he may have to scheme more than he is comfortable with. Both he and Reed are devout Christians, and while some can separate faith and real-life integrity from what is basically a game, not everyone can.

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