‘Survivor: San Juan del Sur’ castaway spotlight: Will Natalie Anderson be ‘amazing’?

Natalie -We’re here with our second “Survivor: San Juan del Sur” castaway spotlight of the season, and it only makes sense to follow up one member of the famed Twinnies with the other.

So following our profile of Nadiya Anderson, we’re here with her “Blood vs. Water” partner in Natalie. She’s going to have a lot in common with her sister, but we actually think that Natalie may have a slightly better chance of going far in the game. Why do we think this? Well, we’re going to explain below.

Name – Natalie Anderson

Age – 28

Location – Edgewater, New Jersey

Occupation – Crossfit coach / physical therapy student

Strengths – As we saw time and time again on “The Amazing Race,” Natalie is very determined. She goes 100 miles an hour all the tomb, is a heck of a competitor, and she does have a knack for making friends. She and her sister are two of the most-memorable contestants from the CBS franchise for a reason.

Weaknesses – The biggest reason to doubt Natalie’s chances in the game is the same reason we worry about Nadiya: They talk a lot, and maybe talk too much. This can be grating for people, especially on a small beach where there is little else to do. We wonder if she’ll play too hard, or if she will be targeted right away just because someone else recognizes her. Everyone wants to think of their time on a reality show as their moment in the sun, which is why few “celebrities” ever do very well on these shows.

Past “Survivor” comparison – Natalie actually compares herself to Tony Vlachos, and while we don’t know how much “Survivor” she’s seen beyond last season, we see where she’s coming from. Her competitive edge in challenges, meanwhile, could be a la Tasha Fox or, to use a comparison we gave for Nadiya, Stephenie LaGrossa.

Prediction – The reason that we feel Natalie could do slightly better is that she does seem, per her CBS bio, to recognize that Tony was a player you’d want to emulate from some vantage points. We feel like the challenge here is going to be making it to the merge, and overcoming early problems at camp. We cannot see either Twinnie winning, but Natalie could make it to around final six or five if she goes on a nice immunity run.

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Photo: CBS


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