‘Person of Interest’ season 4 spoilers: Official details on premiere

The latest -Where is the “Person of interest” story going next? Presumably, to some very dark places … which you probably predicted from a mile away. This is a show that had one of the darkest endings out of anything that we have seen on TV in the past year, and with Samaritan on the loose, everyone we like on the show is in trouble.

With this being said, the real question is this: Who will be at the greatest risk of being decimated? We’re guessing that the answer is the ones who put the most into trying to continue the work of the Machine. The biggest of evidence of this very thing comes from the official synopsis below:

“Forced to take on new identities created by Root, the team tries to adapt to their new lives. However, some find it hard to ignore The Machine’s numbers, which puts them all at risk of being detected by Samaritan.”

In case you hadn’t heard before now, the title for the hour is “Panopticon,” which is a reference to a very specific design to where one person can watch a collective group from all angles. This term is commonly used in the world of prisons, where a guard can keep watch from his tower on everyone who is running around below. This is certainly appropriate, given that most of our heroes may feel like prisoners in the world of Samaritan, where they are constantly being watched from all angles by an evil (and largely unknown) force.

Hopefully, we’ll have some answers on this new machine soon … and hopefully a reason to have a little bit of hope again.

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Photo: CBS

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