What would a ‘True Blood’ season 8 be like? We speculate imaginary future

True Blood -Tonight, you will see the official end of “True Blood” as we know it, but all of this time sitting around and reminiscing does have us thinking about something a little bit different today: What would it have been like if the show had been renewed? what sort of season 8 storylines would the writers have come up with?

For one, let us say that we’re glad that the show is ending now, however sad it may be; but still, these are fun things to think about given that there were still a few places the story could have gone.

A real Big Bad – The problem with season 7 for us has been that nobody really is that afraid of Mr. Gus. He’s mostly just over-the-top and silly, and does not have that terror element to him that we saw with Russell Edgington or the other great villains.

Jason and a serious relationship – It would have been nice to see the Jason character really evolve more at the end, even if he is starting to get there right now with Bridget. The problem, unfortunately, may just be that it is too little and too late.

Eric and Pam back at what they do best – Which to us is being at Fangtasia and being awesome. They only really got back there in this past episode, and there is still more trouble ahead for the two of them.

Sam with a purpose – Seriously, where in the world was Sam Merlotte this year? You may as well have killed him off in episode 2, since nobody would have noticed. This would have made for a much better opportunity for him to have a send-off.

Bill’s turnaround – It would probably be an easy leap to have Bill and Sookie together again if there was more time to process it. Unfortunately, the show did not allow for that thanks to Alcide dying, and her having to figure out where her feelings were with Bill so quickly.

What would you have wanted to see in a “True Blood” season 6? Let us know now in the comments, and head over here for some further fangtastic news related to the show! We’ll have a review there later, and you can also sign up now for some more scoop on everything we cover at CarterMatt via our official newsletter.

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