‘Suits’ season 4, episode 10 review: Did Louis Litt learn the truth about Mike?

Mike and Harvey -Tonight’s episode of “Suits” was much more about war between lawyers than we expected, mostly because we were hoping for some sort of “happy family” atmosphere in the wake of what everyone went through with Sean Cahill. However, that was clearly what we ended up getting.

Louis Litt started this episode in a pretty depressed state, mostly because he had no job, and the favors Harvey tried to do for him ended up being meaningless. Why? They were in what Louis liked to refer to “Siberia.” Eventually, though, it was Mike of all people who tried to get Louis a job, but with Rachel’s dad. The downside is that he tried to convince Louis to swipe away a valuable client of Pearson Specter’s, and that didn’t quite work out for him as he thought it would at first.

Once again, “Suits” reminded us in the end that while these characters may at times be snippy towards one another, there is love there. Harvey convinced the senior Zane to try to take on Louis anyway, which was pretty good news for Katrina given that she basically gave up her job with Jessica for him.

By the end of this episode, what we ultimately had was this: Louis Litt on the warpath. Every little thing that someone had done for him this episode suddenly didn’t matter, if for no other reason that he felt entirely betrayed. He found out Mike Ross’ secret thanks to one little key, and Rick Hoffman blew our mind with the aftermath as he tried to storm through Pearson Specter like an angry tornado. He was hurt, and justifiably so when you consider all of the variables at play here right now. Jessica and Harvey went through so much to ensure that Mike was protected, and yet he feels slighted when he made an enormous mistake of his own.

He could have called the cops, but of course Louis didn’t. He’s Louis! Instead of leaving for Zane’s, he made a simple demand: Person Specter Litt. Then, we fade to black.

What an awesome hour this was. There was a shocking turn and plenty of shockers along the way as we were reminded why we can never fully love Louis as a person … but that makes his character all the more wonderful. Grade: A.

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