‘America’s Next Top Model’ cycle 21 premieres tonight; did you even know?

America's Next Top Model -Here is something that definitely qualifies as a blast from the past. Tonight, The CW is airing the 21st season of “America’s Next Top Model,” a show that feels like it has been around since the beginning of time as far as reality TV goes. The first season of the show was all the way back in 2003, which makes this two years older than “Supernatural” and therefore the longest-running show on┬áthe network by a mile. It and “Supernatural” are the only two remaining scripted shows from the split era of WB and UPN, with “Top Model” being the only thing left of UPN now.

Now that the history lesson is over, why should you watch this season? Hopefully for one, you’re not going to hear the same confessional about Jourdan being both married and divorced at such a young age a billion times. Also, we feel like most reality shows are traditionally a whole lot better when you have men and women contestants. It producers more drama, relationship sparks, and fighting. It also freshened up this show after it was in particular starting to feel very stale.

So what else is there to look forward to? Hopefully, some creative challenges that test actual modeling skills, and hopefully less of the whole social-media nonsense that we’ve had the past two years. We don’t care what the fans think about models! That sounds obnoxious, but the truth is that we don’t know what we’re talking about all of the time. We’d rather leave it up to the experts.

The thing we are most concerned about for the show is strictly that very few people may even know it’s on tonight. Unless you watch The CW in the summertime or keep track online, how else would you know?

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Photo: The CW

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