‘Bachelor in Paradise’ spoilers: See AshLee Frazier, Graham Bunn on different pages

Graham Bunn -Monday night’s “Bachelor in Paradise” looks to be containing the exact amount of drama you would expect from the show, and it’s mostly because of one simple thing: People not being on the same page.

By “people,” we explicitly mean this time AshLee Frazier and Graham Bunn, who continue to not properly communicate as to what each other really wants. AshLee apparently has been talking more frequently about trying to get Graham to meet her father, and do other things like they are getting close to “serious relationship” territory.

However, at the same time Graham seems to be more convinced that the two are not anything serious at all, and he wants to enjoy his time there and go out on a date with her further.

Just in case you are wondering, though, there may be a little bit more to this story than what is being advertised right now … at least if you believe the tabloids. Life & Style claims that the two did date before the show, and if that is true, it would explain why AshLee is taking the relationship much more seriously than he is. However, those are just rumors, and it’s going to be hard to say whether or not those are true at all until there is some more evidence pointing in every direction.

For the time being, though, this just looks all sorts of insane. We understand being very interested in Graham, but to the level where you are pushing him away? Not a good move.

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Photo: ABC, video via Entertainment Weekly

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