‘The Bridge’ season 2, episode 6 review: Daniel Frye gets some much-needed relief

Of course, it only makes sense that for an episode of “The Bridge” that featured shootings, escapes, and further tragedy, would would put a joke about urination in the title … right?

Well, probably not, but Daniel Frye making sure he did the worse possible thing to get fired from his job was one of the many turning points in the episode; the way in which he did it was what made it so memorable. This was a pretty thrilling episode throughout, even if there were some aspects of it that continue to need work. We still could care less about what Sonya and Marco are up to, since their mission no longer seems focused or that interesting. That’s especially true as “good guy” Marco becomes more and more of a terrible person as time goes by.

What amazes us is how much more intrigued we were by Stephen’s story this episode, given that this is not a guy we’ve really liked much save for his awesome voice over the past few seasons. Somehow, that changed tonight courtesy of he and Eva finally coming together on the issue of how messed-up this world truly is. When they realized for certain that “asylum” was an impossibility for her right now, she took matters into her own hands and got revenge against the captured man. Now, the two are seemingly on the run after burying the body, and their story is much more interesting.

The same goes for Frye, who ran such a hardcore expose that it rode the law too much to be published. Now, he’s without a job, but still in possession of great information. Whatever he does, we hope that it does throw him into the same sphere as some of the other characters again.

We missed Eleanor as a fan of the character this week, but at least appreciated some clarity on the other subjects. This is still not season 1 “Bridge” to us, but we feel like tonight was a step in the right direction (save for maybe Jake) after some weak outings. Grade: B-.

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